Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Elves

     With Halloween over, and Thanksgiving on the horizon, it is only a matter of mere days before our house is taken over by my favorite yearly visitors.

     You know- the Elves!

Well, okay- they are Christmas Elves, but those are the best kind, am I right? We all hang out together starting in November a few weeks before Thanksgiving, and party right on out through Christmas ! It is so much fun around here when the Elves come to visit. They bring Christmas decorations, and lots of glue, glitter, wrapping paper and INSPIRATION!

I love fairytales (can you tell? lol) and Santa’s Elves are some of my favorites. They are helpful, benevolent, kind, make stuff-yaay!- and have a whole herd of flying reindeer in a barn out behind their own personal workshop! How cool is that? ( I also adore Scandinavian mythology and handcrafts, and cows! so Christmas Elves- Julenisse particularly- are some of my favorites!)

Is Santa just an oversized Elf? What do mushrooms have to do with flying reindeer? And just how much hot chocolate can an elf consume over the holidays? All this and more this season at the ol’ Grimoire. . .