Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lifting the Veil of Time

Err, or something like that. I just read a post over at Flavortext that made me think of my old Guild in World of Warcraft- the one I joined years ago, my first Guild. I hadn’t been playing for long when I got my invitation to join their guild. I was only level 22, and I was back up in the hills of Ashenvale, near the city of Astranaar working on a quest- as usual. I love the quests in WoW! They are always so much fun to do, with interesting plots and exciting areas to get trapped in…but I digress. My old Guild- what a fun bunch of people! When I first joined, a group of people took me under their wing and taught me the ropes of the game, helped me level Cobbwebb, did difficult quests with me, and took me on some crazy Raid and Dungeon runs. Ahh- those were the days! Err, or rather those were the nights- did I mention they were on an East Coast server? Well, I live on the West Coast. Those were some pretty late nights, let me tell you! I wish I still had the screen shots- wait! I found some- wanna see?

oldguildlineup blog

Ah yes- those were the days! Days of dancing on tables at the end of a run, me not knowing what on earth these crazy people were going to do next…

I miss those guys and gals. It’s a weird, strange world we live in when we miss people we’ve never set eyes on, isn’t it?

Thanks, Queen’s Shadow. You guys are the best.

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