Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Griffon's Grimoire

     Welcome to the Griffon's Grimoire ! This is my notebook for all things fantasy inspired: art, musings, gaming and crafting. You will find my main blog here Magickwyrds, which is mainly about everything under the sun that catches my fancy. This page is more of a sketchbook for my favorite myths, legends, fantasy-sword-and-sorcery books, and maybe even a taste of my gaming addictions- World of Warcraft, Pathfinder, Living Forgotten Realms, and whatever the current-flavor-of-the-week is at the game table.

     So far this summer my group has tackled Gamma World, Star Wars, Pathfinder and DC Adventures. Whew! Did I mention that I am a novice at all this gaming stuff? Yup! I barely know the difference between a hit point and a Dex Modifier...But Gamma World is based on 4E, so that's two birds with one game!

    Griffons, by the way, are a favorite fantasy creature of mine, particularly the one's in Mercedes Lackey's "Griffon" series. Talking, mythological creatures with the power of flight and magic? Oh I am so there!

     So, let's get to it, shall we? Fantasy prevails at The Griffon's Grimoire, so check in frequently for faerie sightings, pixie posting, and lots of crafty holiday ideas!

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  1. The game of the week was Gamma World and it proved to be hilarious and dangerous. Although we ran the first three encounters of the adventure in the boxed set, it became obvious that you either need mutants with healing powers in your party of adventurers or should houserule some form of healing radiation very quickly. On the other hand, the mutation and omega tech cards kept us laughing are way through the carnage. Just make sure you give the characters a decent Con modifier or else the damage is twice as brutal on those individuals. Overall, a good time with some minor flaws on a first play.


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