Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The summer of gaming

    I had a very busy summer this year adding a few more pages to the Grimoire learning how to play the Pathfinder rpg. Well, I had actually started to learn last fall when I couldn't keep away from all my husband's beautiful books any longer. I started browsing through them for the artwork, then began reading the race descriptions, and next thing I knew my husband had handed me a character sheet sheet of a partially fleshed out Ranger and said "what do you want her to be?" Next stop, game day, here I come! Yikes, was that ever an eye-opener. But I liked it! I had fun! I killed monsters! and got loot! Sold, to the lady-with-the-hand-knitted-dice-bag! Then summer hit, and we had a home game every single week. It was a blast, and I was able to grasp the concepts so much easier than when I was just going to the once a month GameDay, because I was able to put my research and reading into practice on a weekly basis. 
    Of course, you don't stop gaming when the summer is over (even if you do loose the once-a-week game format. Bummer.) And, you also don't just play one character. Oh no, you get to make any number of characters you want. Yup. You get to make ONE OF EVERYTHING! And, drive your husband mad, because he is trying to do the same thing with his characters, and you haven't learned how to make characters yet, so he has to make yours as well. And that's, um...a lot of math, actually. But it's fun! And the potential to be an awesome rogue/cleric/wizard/druid/warrior/monk/ninja...wait, did you just say ninja? Oh, that's a whole 'nother book I have to read now. Great, just great. Did I mention I was reading the new Gamma World book by Paul Kidd? Or the new Charlain Harris vampire book for this year, or the Moosewood Cookbook I picked up this summer, or the sock knitting books I just got from the library...
     Looks like this Fall is going to be just as busy as the summer was...


  1. Even a character builder can only make so many characters at a time, but we will keep up the good work for the good of gaming recruitment. There is always room for a ninja, gunslinger, alchemist, or ninslingermist at the table with family and friends. Now if I can just keep up with the books on my bookshelf...

  2. Wanting too many characters was why I had to start combining them in weird ways. After all, if a bard is good and an barbarian is good, then why not a bard-barbarian? (Or a ninja sorcerer. Actually, since ninjas don't wear

    But yay for character creation, even with all the math!

  3. I want a ninja, rogue, wizard, another ranger and a spellslinger. And I'm interested in the monk, barbarian, druid and sorcerer. But when would I have the time to play them all? Or is it just the creation process that's so fascinating? And that's just the classes- wait til I get into the whole race creation process!Gnomes and elves and halflings and warforged and...wait, that's another system, right? Oh no!


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