Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween Decoratin'

     Fall is officially here, and along with the turning of the leaves, a certain holiday is on my mind alot lately . . . Halloween! It used to be my favorite holiday, before I started knitting and sewing quilts, which are more suited to Christmas and recently, Yule. But this year, I have a secret weapon in my sewing basket that will make the coming months that much spookier . . .
     No spoilers! It's not done yet- you will just have to hold your horses and get in line with the rest of the mooks!
     There is something which I can share with you ghouls this week- my decorating plans. We don't generally like a gruesome Halloween around our place. I actually start pulling out decorations and make some idea lists around the Autumnal Equinox- also known as Mabon, or the Witch's Thanksgiving. I love the imagery of a Witch's Feast, particularly the kind you see in the Harry Potter movies. Long, old wooden tables piled high with every imaginable Fall themed dish; goblet and platters bigger than your head; candles floating above in midair . . . what? You don't have floating candles? Alright, alright- keep it down over there! I will outline my more, um. . . modest Fall decoratin' plan for you here. Just ignore the, ah, costume draped over the mirror there . . . 

     First up, the Wreath. (yes with a capital W! I've got my eye on you rabble-rousers!) It must contain brightly coloured Fall leaves, perhaps some berries, twigs, maybe a bird's nest or some small pumpkins. And this year I'll be building it on a grapevine form. The old one is nowhere to be found since we moved this summer, and what self-respecting Witch would be caught with a store bought wreath? 
     Secondly, an infestation or two. Hmmm, Rats look good this year. They are civil enough to keep to their Holes if I place enough Cheese nearby. What else? Oh yes, the Bats. I don't have a Belfry, so the light fixtures will just have to do. 
     Of course, we can't forget the Pumpkins and other Squash. It is so hot where I live though, I have to be careful and check them every couple of days to keep them from rotting. Normally, winter squash can be kept for months, but the heat does make them wilt amazingly fast if you're not lucky. I don't carve my pumpkins until a day or two before Halloween Night, but they make beautiful still-life displays around the house until then. 
     Spooky-House Curtains are my trade secret- but you might be able to figure it out once you see them up in the windows. Not sure if these will be featured this year, as I am going for a more elegant look this time around, rather than creepy-decrepit.
     Oak tables dressed with Black Velvet Tableclothes. We will just have to see if the same effect can be created from a stark white table. Ahem. 

Bats and pumpkins, black velvet and fall leaves. Maybe some more black- wrought iron perhaps? And definitely some crystal and silver or gold in there somewhere. Hmm, did I mention Harry Potter earlier? Maybe I can conjure up a setting reminiscent of one of the House sitting rooms. But I can hear the wagons of the Gypsy Caravan coming up the road this year as well. Decisions, decisions . . . 

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  1. That all sounds awesome. Good luck putting it together!


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