Monday, September 12, 2011

Trolls...There's a Troll in the mod!

     Um...yeah. There was a Troll in the mod this weekend. And you know what is good for Trolls? FIRE! And that just happens to be my forte` in this crazy, time-tripping, magic-wielding world of  role-playing games I find myself in this year. Yup, it happened again- I am a rpg-junkie folks. We played two- count them, two! Pathfinder Modules on Saturday, which was a blast-O-fun, a real drama-O-Rama, thanks to our GM (thanks! ) and our table-full of brave, noble, inspired, helpful,  and devious players. However, Ahem. Never go anywhere without a wand of healing. I'm just sayin.
     Sunday we played another two mods of some 4e variant, which turned into a fun day of spicy food (Doritos are my downfall!), beautiful drives into the back country, scary drives in the dark out of said back country (ahem. it was a character-building experience.), kitters stories- isn't it funny how we all just adore our pets? And will tell the silliest stories of our babies if given even half a chance? And lots of fun, laughing, learning and maybe even a little pouting. And I'm not talking about the girls at the table. ahem. There might even have been a few spine-tingling tales of horror in there at the end...rats? In the trees? At the end of the driveway that I then have to drive down in the dark . . . 


  1. Trolls are scary! Especially when you don't have any fire with you and they keep growing back.

    What mods did you play?

  2. You would think that hitting them with massive damage would destroy them enough to keep them down, but apparently if you can't burn them you can't win. And, of course, they were controlling a bridge. I haven't been that afraid of a troll since a particularly haunting Neil Gaiman story I once read.

  3. I had a fire spell- and was able to hit four in 1 shot! but only took two off the board. It was such fun though!


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