Friday, March 9, 2012

Identity crisis

There comes a point in gaming after you’ve played your first character for a while, become comfortable with her, created a few other characters, and become comfortable with them too, when you wake up and realize- you are scared of your baby.

That, my friends, is the curse of the middle tier character levels. Your baby is no longer a baby- she’s a full-fledged Ranger/Fighter/Rogue/Wizard, and she’s hard to play. Her weapons do more damage, or even have abilities of their own. Your character’s attacks have increased- more attacks mean more math, more bonuses, more penalties to keep track of. More opportunities to incur the wrath of your table mates with your indecision and bad feats choices.

So, what do you do? Play low-tier, dump the extras, and nerf your beloved? Lock her away in a closet and roll a new level 1? Act dumb and let the boys at the table do your math for you? Nay, I say- nay. You pull out the books and get cracking! Learn how to tabulate those new bonuses, read up on those extra feats you now qualify for, and get out there and kick some goblinoid butt!

But keep that level 3 Rogue in your bag, just in case. . .

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  1. That first mid-tier character can be scary. High-level characters still freak me out. (Though it's getting better as I'm leveling up my second character.) So I hope the quest is going well.

    Good for you and good luck!


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