Monday, February 27, 2012

Character Creation

I am in the process of learning how to roll up a character from scratch- no husband help (well, not much!) and no computer program trickery. Yet. I always start out great- find a name, roll up some ability scores, do the modifier math and choose my skills. The I hit the speed bump- what class did I choose? Why oh why do I always research the skills and abilities the classes need to make them work after I roll them? A high intelligence always sounds really good- until I realize I chose a fighter, who doesn’t need to be able to read, write and figure arithmetic out there in the wilds- she needs the strength to be able to pick up that broadsword, much less the dexterity to dodge the answering smite of that goblin she’s attacking!

(side note here- when did this font get changed to 8.1?! I am so sorry! I can’t even read this as I’m typing it- how can anybody out in electron-land read it? Much less with their coffee in the morning over eggs and bacon?! I’m fixing it as we speak. . . )

Anywho. . .I’m trying to learn about this gaming addiction err, I mean this new hobby of mine, rather than just relying on the boys (insert batting eyelashes here, ugh) to do all the math for me, or to tell me which feats to take at level such-and-such. Oh, and who is Paizo kidding with this textbook they call the Core Rulebook? I can’t read this thing in bed, propped up with my cup of tea, it’s too heavy! The only place I can read it is at my desk, hunched over like it’s finals week and I’m crunching for a  History term paper! Ugh. This thing is a brick. But it has waay better pictures than my old schoolbooks ever did- so shiny, and pretty! Merisiel kicks butt in this book! (yes, I have an Elf Rogue- doesn’t everyone want to be Merisiel? Ahem.)

Sooo. . . I am slowly building a new Elf Sorceress (girls are sorceresses, boys are sorcerers. just sayin.) The new pamphlets outlining the continent and cultures of Tian Xia are making me crazy with all the ideas I keep getting: rogue-ninjas and samurai-fighters, not to mention the kitsune and tengu, and new branches of Elves, oh and all the new mobs they’ve created for this new continent. All new, all the time! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to finish choosing my weaponry- quarterstaff and dagger, definitely, but how many shuriken does a girl need up her sleeve, anyway?

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  1. That's interesting. I've never done it that way. I always do class first, before anything else. Recently I've been deciding what class I want to play (rogue next, then sorcerer or cavalier, I think) and then figuring out what to do with them. Though that sometimes leaves me struggling a bit with personality, so hmm...

    I can never get over how much RPG books make me feel like I'm doing homework. Even though the pictures are much prettier, it's still a heavy book covered with sticky notes!

    Good luck with character creation!


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