Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Level up!

Kingdom Con was this last weekend- a gaming only convention that is in its’ third year here in sunny San Diego. Only it wasn’t sunny until Sunday, since we got a rain and hail storm Friday night! The wind was lashing the hotels’ picturesque palm trees about, and hailstones the size of lentils pounded the windows. The cool part was the fact that the rooms we were set up in had large glass double French doors at either end, so everyone got to see the storm outside! And run outside to roll up their car windows…

So! I played at my first three day gaming convention- and it was glorious! I decided to just play my first-level Sorceress all weekend, which was a good decision since she is now a fourth level Sorceress…but it was hard. At several points in the weekend I was at a different table from all my friends, and I didn’t get to see a few people at all, aside from waving at them from the doorway. But the tables I did sit at were filled to the brim with such wonderful people (okay, mostly wonderful guys- more on that in a bit) that it evened up in the end. So on the one hand, it’s hard to see everyone you want to at a con like this. On the other hand, you meet a bunch of new people- and at the same time get to know a select few a lot better!

Now, back to that little quirk- okay, it’s a big quirk. There were-maybe- 8? or 9? girls at this convention- and that’s counting the wives who popped in to visit their champions occasionally while escorting the little's to the board games upstairs. I didn’t get a proper headcount, but there were dozens of men attending this event. Dozens. Yikes! My husband is so proud of me right now! He’s been giggling  a lot since this weekend, thinking of sweet-innocent-little-me sitting in the midst of big burly Dwarven Fighters and Chelixian what-nots. He says most of them didn’t know what hit them! There I was, too nervous to say a word in role-play at most of my tables, until about an hour into the mod’s and then wham! My mouth starts going and I’m talking smack to a Dwarf who is just spluttering  in disbelief that not only did I sass him into oblivion, I’m an Elf Sorceress and I’m dropping more damage than him! Me! Two years ago my husband couldn’t get me to role-play in front of three other people in a home game to save my character’s life, and here I am today throwing Magic Missiles at anything that even twitches in a dark alley in Cassomir!

Okay- more on the Con later, right now I’ve got to go do some research into Fighters. Now that Eglantine is a level four, I need a new level one in my stable. I know I want to be able to run into a fight and just whack  the big bads in melee, so I’m looking at Fighters and Monks today. Hmm…what’s a girl to do? Fighters or Monks, Fighter or Monks…

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  1. I like Fighters better...but that's just me. I've seen good Monks, I've just never wanted to play one myself. (But then again, my favorite combat classes are Rogues and Paladins, so...)

    I don't really play big tough fighters. I'm looking forward to seeing how yours turns out!


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